Learn how to build your own Conceptual Offense

Learn how to create an unpredictable offense based on principles of play instead of robotic patterns.

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15 videos from a coaching clinic with Alex Sarama, showing how you can implement a conceptual offense with your team. 

Help your players improve and watch your team thrive through the implementation of modern principles of play.

The theory behind a conceptual offense

Alex teaches you the theory behind conceptual offense and why it aligns with skill acquisition research.

The elements of a conceptual offense

Learn about dominoes, triggers, coverage solutions and all the elements your team needs to be successful.


Learn how to teach your new conceptual offense to your players through a constraints-led approach.
(with actual practice examples included!)

Get started with your own conceptual offense today!

Accelerate your players’ development with this clinic from Alex Sarama, introducing you to a whole new coaching methodology.

Your players will thank you when they get to play a more exciting offense that will accelerate their development.



For all of this

  • 15 Clinic videos from Alex Sarama on how to implement a conceptual offense.
  • The theoretical framework which supports using a conceptual offense.
  • Real life practice examples from Alex’s own practices.
  • A step-by-step clinic on how to start implementing the offense.
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