Clinic: Using The Low Post In A Conceptual Offense

In this clinic, you will learn how the low post can be incorporated into a conceptual offense, in addition to small-sided games and constraint manipulations for developing this principle of play.

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12 videos from a coaching clinic with Alex Sarama, reviewing different ways to utilize the ‘T-Post’ in a modern conceptual offense

Learn how to use the low post effectively, making it easier to run triggers out of dangerous scoring locations.

The difference between posting up to score and posting up to pass

Leveraging this difference can be an effective principle of play for finding high-value PPP shots.

The difference between the T-Post to the traditional 45° angle post-ups

Leverage the T-Post to make it much harder for the defense to steal the post entry pass as well as for the offensive player to pass out of the post.

Why popular post drills  offer no benefit in developing post play

Learn how to use the CLA to transform old-school drills through purposeful constraint manipulations.

Take your offense to the next level by incorporating the low post into your conceptual offense

Your players will be able to improve their offense by running hard-to-guard triggers out of the post.



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  • 9 clinic videos from Alex Sarama on how to use T-Post to your advantage.
  • 7 different small-sided games that will allow your team to bring these concepts to life.
  • Real-life practice examples from Alex’s own practices.
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