Deliver more effective practices by using nonlinear pedagogy

Learn the five design principles of nonlinear pedagogy, discovering how they can help coaches make better sense of the CLA in player and team development.

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9 videos from a coaching clinic with Alex Sarama, showing how you can improve your team’s practices through an understanding of the five design principles of nonlinear pedagogy.

Help your players improve faster by adopting evidence-based coaching ideas as opposed to the dominant approach to coaching centered around drills and repetition.

Offensive Philosophy

Alex outlines his offensive philosophy and how this can benefit your players.

Strategies to make the most out of your offense

Learn seven different coverage solutions for the common triggers and coverages.

Creating an offensive advantage

Learn how to develop various solutions to create an offensive advantage.

Get started today and improve your practice sessions by adopting nonlinear pedagogy!

Your players will thank you when they get to train in a more exciting and engaging manner which streamlines their development.



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  • 9 Clinic videos from Alex Sarama on how to implement nonlinear pedagogy.
  • Ideas for different coverage solutions and using the CLA to develop them.
  • Detailed explanation of each concept so that you can implement it with your team immediately.
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