EP30: Ecologically-Informed Principles of Play

In this episode, Alex Sarama discusses the concept of principles of play and how they can be developed through the constraint-led approach (CLA). He explains that many offensive and defensive schemes in basketball are highly controlled, which can over-constrain players’ behaviors. Instead, he advocates for using principles of play, which provide possibilities and shape players' intentions without stipulating specific actions. Alex conceptualizes offense as creating advantages and converting them successfully and uses the concept of medals to guide shot selection. He also discusses the application of principles of play in transition and defense which as with offense are centered around adaptability.


Key Takeaways:

2:20 - Game Model vs Principles of Play

8:05 - What is a conceptual offense and how to categorize shots

11:30 - Transition concepts

13:05 - Using triggers

14:25 - Varying defensive coverages

16:10 - Takeaways


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