EP31: Applying CLA and Coaching Philosophy with Markus Klusemann

In this episode, Alex Sarama interviews Markus Klusemann. Markus shares his coaching philosophy as a coach scientist and how his experience working in both Germany and Australia has shaped his approach. He discusses the barriers coaches face in understanding and implementing the constraints-led approach (CLA) and provides suggestions on how to overcome them. Markus remarks on the importance of observing and tracking behaviors in small-sided games. They also discuss his role at Overtime Elite and how to create a culture of learning in whatever situation you may find yourself in.


Key Takeaways:

1:15 - Markus’ Background

6:30 - Barriers to implementing the CLA

13:30 - Observing and tracking behaviors to understand player behavior

17:50 - Creating a Culture of Learning 

22:05 - Tiger Teams 

25:35 - MEI


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