EP32: Differential Learning in Shooting with Francesco Nanni

In this episode, Alex Sarama is joined by Francesco Nanni, a rising star in Italian basketball coaching. They discuss the application of a differential learning approach to shooting in basketball. Differential learning is an exploration-based approach that allows players to experiment with different solutions to find what works best for them. Nanni shares several DL shooting activities that he has used with professional players, including varying the range and location of shots, changing stances, and using different-sized balls. They also discuss the importance of fluidity in shooting and the challenges of implementing DL with professional players who already have established shooting mechanics.


Key Takeaways:

3:00 - Using differential learning to explore what works for players without explicit instruction

6:45 - Example using ball distance

10:00 - Introduction and Implementation in Professional Environment

17:22 - Rapid Fire Easiest Implementation Activities

24:20 - Dosage of differential learning in the grand scheme

28:15 - CLA activities for shooting


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