EP34: Using the CLA in Professional Basketball with Ghady Abou Jaoude

In this episode, Alex interviews Ghady Abu Jaoude, an assistant coach in the top professional basketball league in Lebanon. They discuss the application of the Constraints-Led Approach (CLA) in coaching, focusing on the challenges and benefits at both the youth and senior levels. Ghady shares practical examples of how he has implemented the CLA in his coaching, such as using limited dribbles and guided defense in one-on-one drills. They also discuss the barriers and challenges of implementing the CLA with professional players, on the individual and team level.


Key Takeaways:

5:00 - Challenges and ideas for implementing the CLA with veteran players shooting routines

9:10 - Increasing representativeness increases engagement in team practice

13:40 - Adapting principles of play to the team's personnel and your opponents

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