EP37: Drill Makeovers

In this episode, Alex Sarama explores the challenge of disseminating skill acquisition ideas to other coaches and the coaching community. He proposes that a good way to do so is taking traditional drills and transforming them into more alive activities informed by principles from the CLA. He emphasize the importance of variability, principles of play, and effective constraint manipulation within small-sided games. By incorporating these ideas, coaches can create more engaging and effective training sessions that align with the demands of the game.


Key Takeaways:

2:00 - 3 Man Weave Makeover

4:30 - Zig Zag Makeover

7:05 - Layup Lines Makeover

8:35 - 5v0 Makeover

9:40 - Around the Basket Makeover

11:25 - Shell Makeover

13:20 - 3v2v1 Makeover

14:50 - Static Dribbling Makeover

16:40 - Warmup Makeover



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