EP39: College Basket SSGs with Francesco Rossi

In this episode, Alex Sarama is joined by Francesco Rossi, the Youth Director of College Basket in Borgomanero, Italy. They discuss the astounding success of the basketball program in the small town of Borgomanero, which has produced numerous professional players despite its size. Francesco attributes this success to the methodology and game approach used in the program, emphasizing the importance of player development and allowing players to play freely. They delve into the use of small-sided games, such as Cambio and Animals, which have proven to be effective in developing players' decision-making skills and basketball IQ. Francesco also shares insights into his conceptual Princeton offense and the benefits of adapting offense to the modern game. 

Key Takeaways:

3:20 - College Basket emphasis on play

8:00 - Players First Princeton Offense

11:30 - Team SSGs: Cambio, Slovenia and Animals 

19:00 - Player Development SSG: Cage Dribbling

20:50 - Francesco Rossi's Books



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