Learn how to run set plays creatively

Discover how set plays can be incorporated within a conceptual offense in a manner where players attune to advantages at every part of the set.

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Learn how to implement set plays into your conceptual offense without running sets in a robotic fashion.

2 videos from a coaching clinic with Alex Sarama showing the context of when to run sets and how to install it from step one.

The importance of transition

Learn how critical transition offense is and how sets need to be used in the right way to avoid missing out on easy opportunities to score in transition.

How to use triggers to your advantage

Learn how players self-organize to read the defense and use a coverage solution to create an advantage.

Using co-design to help the players introduce sets

By applying co-design, you are creating autonomy-supportive practice environments for your players.

Empower your team with creative set plays!

Your players will thank you when they get to play a more sophisticated offense that accelerates their development.



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  • 12 Clinic videos from Alex Sarama on how to run set plays creatively in your team.
  • 4 different activities that will show your team how to apply these concepts in multiple scenarios.
  • Real-life practice examples from Alexโ€™s own practices.
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