EP41: Sweden's Player Development Framework with Andrew Pleick and Rikard Aspegren

In this episode, Alex Sarama is joined by Andrew Pleick and Rikard Aspegren, basketball developers from the Swedish Basketball Federation. They discuss the player development framework introduced by the federation and how it has transformed the way basketball is taught and practiced in Sweden. The framework is based on contemporary skill acquisition ideas and emphasizes creating a more enjoyable and effective learning environment for players. They explain the challenges they have faced in implementing the framework and share their insights on how to introduce these ideas to coaches and overcome resistance to change.


Key Takeaways:

08:05 - How the player development framework comes to life

13:30 - Starting with the Why with coaches

16:30 - Biggest challenges in implementing new ideas

23:53 - How is the Swedish framework differ from others

29:20 - Advice for other federations


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Sweden Basketball

Andrew Pleick

Rikard Aspegren



Sweden Basketball

Andrew Pleick

Rikard Aspegren




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